The teenage years are an important time in your child’s life for growth and development, and discovering who they are in this world. It can be confusing learning to navigate new responsibilities and pressures that the teenage world brings.

As a parent, it can be confusing too, you can see that your child is struggling but, you don’t know how to reach them.

The good news is that things can get better!

As a Therapist, I can help your teenager sort things out and get back on track. I work with parents to help them increase the bond with their teenager and help parents learn effective ways to reach their teen. I help you and your family move from “surviving” the teen years to “thriving” as individuals and as a family.

Some Concerns that Bring a Young Person to Therapy:

  • Low self-esteem, Poor Body Image
  • Depression, Self-Harm
  • Stress, Anxiety, Panic
  • Peer Relationship Problems
  • Social Skills
  • Social Media, electronics Addiction
  • Relationships, Intimacy, Sexuality
  • Impulsive behavior, Risk taking, Substance use
  • Academic pressures, School Problems, College
  • Identity Issues
  • Meaning of life/Spirituality
  • Anger, aggression, argumentative, irritability
  • Experiencing a scary and/or confusing event
  • Changes in the family

Yvonne Miller, LMFT
Registered Play Therapist

Lic #99234 yvonnemillercounseling@gmail.com

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